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NCCI Premium Recommendations Released during Heated SB 1 Debate

posted: August 3, 2017

The education funding bill (SB 1) continues to dominate headlines and discussion in Springfield as the Governor’s amendatory veto is debated by the legislature. It is unclear as of yet whether the Democratic controlled General Assembly will be able to muster enough of their Republican colleagues to reach the 3/5ths majority required to override the Governor’s action.

Although some lawmakers and media have speculated that the education funding bill would be used to bring workers’ compensation and other reforms back onto the negotiating table, this has not been the case, and major action on these reforms appears unlikely to occur for the remainder of 2017.

While the education funding bill (SB 1) has taken precedence over other issues as lawmakers race to reach a resolution before schools open in the fall, the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) released a new recommendation for workers’ compensation premium cuts in Illinois. The NCCI advises that a 10.9% decrease is recommended for the coming year.

Senate President John Cullerton deemed the report “good news” in a press conference earlier today. Cullerton noted during his remarks that that lines of negotiation were not open with the Governor’s office on workers’ compensation in light of this most recent news.