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Kaiser Health News Releases Follow Story on ASCs

posted: August 13, 2018

IASCA members should be aware of a new piece published by Kaiser Health News Network that portrays the safety of the ASC industry in a negative light. The story, published in tandem with USA Today, is running in Kaiser affiliated media publications, and follows a similar piece published earlier this year.

The article suggests that specific adverse events in ASCs were the result of systemic safety problems within the industry due in part to a lack of oversight.

The full story can be accessed here.

The article fails to contextualize its claims, neglecting to compare relative rates of adverse events between sites of care. When put into this context, the data reveals that ASCs actually have lower rates of adverse events relative to other sites of service. The ASC industry has been supportive of transparency and data reporting efforts, as they only serve to validate the quality of care that ASCs provide.

Should you receive any questions from patients or other entities regarding the story, ASCA has prepared comments responding to mischaracterizations of the ASC industry present within the article. These comments can be accessed on our website.

IASCA is collecting instances of local media picking up the story as part of an effort by ASCA to identify areas where the story is gaining traction. Should you find instances of local media using the story, IASCA staff can be notified at