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Kaiser Health News Makes Dubious Claims About ASC Safety

posted: March 2, 2018

In collaboration with USA Today, Kaiser Health News Network recently released a piece claiming that the ASC industry has ignored safety concerns in pursuit of profits.

The piece has appeared on USA Today’s website, and will appear in other Kaiser Health News affiliated media markets by Sunday. Please be aware that you may receive questions and concerns regarding this piece and your facility.

The article cherry picks 260 adverse events by failing to put this number in the context of the total volume of successful procedures performed by the ASC industry. When put into this context, the data reveals that ASCs actually have a lower rate of adverse events relative to other sites of service. By failing to make this comparative analysis, Kaiser and USA Today are misleading readers about the safety of ASCs and the procedures they perform.

Along with this communication, ASCA has provided an informational document that provides important context and information for claims made by the article.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this piece please contact IASCA staff at