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IASCA Proposes Amendment at ASTC Licensing Board Meeting

posted: March 26, 2019

Representatives of IASCA recently attended the ASTC Licensing Board meeting earlier this month to propose amendments to the state’s physician presence rules. Specifically, the amendment seeks to change the rules surrounding continuous presence of physicians in a facility until all patients have been medically discharged. IASCA proposed that once patients have met certain stringent level of care criteria, physicians should be allowed to depart the premises. The amendment was received favorably, and board members noted that the proposed changes were long overdue. Members of the board, however, did propose minor changes to the level of care criteria for patients that would allow a physician to depart a facility. The proposed changes would bring these criteria exactly in line with the state’s recovery care center program. IASCA will work with IDPH to insert those changes and hope to pass the amendment at the next ASTC Licensing Board Meeting in June.