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IASCA Hosts Sara Wojcicki-Jimenez on Facility Tour

posted: November 14, 2018

On Thursday, November 8th, Representative Sarah Wojcicki-Jimenez toured the Springfield Clinic’s Ambulatory Surgery and Endoscopy Center. Many Illinois lawmakers are unaware of the number of cases that ASCs in the state handle every year, and Representative Wojcicki-Jimenez was impressed by the number of cases handled by the Springfield Clinic’s Ambulatory Surgery and Endoscopy Center. Ambulatory Surgery Centers across Illinois are crucial care providers in Illinois in terms of volume, quality, and pricing. This is particularly true in less populous areas where trips to the hospital may prove onerous.

Michelle Lynn, the facility’s administrator, also conveyed that one of the problems facing the ASC industry in Illinois was uneven reimbursement rates compared to HOPDs. IASCA hopes to continue raising awareness on this problem so that policymakers can properly incentivize competitive delivery of care models in the future.

Although Representative Wojcicki-Jimenez will be departing the legislature at the end of the year, she said she would make sure incoming Representative Mike Murphy received IASCA’s information.

IASCA thanks Representative Wojcicki-Jimenez for her time, and looks forward to working with the 99th District’s incoming Representative.