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2018 At a Glance

posted: December 7, 2018

2018 was a year of exciting growth for the Illinois Ambulatory Surgery Center and exceeded all expectations. All facets of IASCA have grown exponentially in the past year and we hope to continue this trend through 2019 and beyond.

IASCA now boasts 45 member ASCs and continues to grow each month. IASCA is proud to maintain a regionally diverse membership and represents ASCs from all across Illinois. IASCA hosted its first Springfield Conference in 2018 to provide southern members a convenient opportunity to network with colleagues and learn from industry experts. Attendees were given the opportunity to advocate for ASCs at the State Capitol following advocacy training session given by experienced IASCA staff. In addition to the new Springfield Conference, IASCA hosted its 2nd Annual Meeting, which was a hugely success event. The Annual Meeting was extended to a two day event to allow for even more education and networking events. Attendees were able to earn important infection control certificates as well as AEU credits.

IASCA’s advocates have been hard at work all year long and have accomplished several impressive feats. The IASCA board and staff have attended Illinois ASTC Licensing Board meetings to present an IASCA-authored proposal regarding the rules surrounding continuous presence of physicians. The proposal was met favorably and staff is attending the next Licensing Board meeting where the proposal will be voted upon. Additionally, an important workers compensation bill that IASCA advocated heavily for was recently passed into law.

IASCA members have enjoyed a year full of education, advocacy, and networking. Thank you to all our members for a successful and fruitful year. 2019 is shaping up to be even better than this year, so be sure to look out for future updates and announcements from IASCA!