Illinois Ambulatory Surgery Center AssociationIASCA


Since their inception in 1970, Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) have maintained a longstanding reputation of excellence in providing timely and affordable care for patients, while allowing physicians the independence and flexibility to create an optimized workspace.

At a time in which the cost of surgical procedures continues to rise with few signs of abating, ambulatory surgical centers that perform outpatient operations present a lower cost solution for government, patients, and payors. Unfortunately, discrepancies in reimbursement rates for ASCs and hospitals, and service recognition by Medicare for ASCs that has lagged behind the pace of medical innovation, have threatened patient access to reliable and price competitive options.

Physicians have always been at the center of developing ASCs, and the Illinois Ambulatory Surgical Center Association (IASCA) seeks to extend this tradition. As the state legislature considers proposals that affect the community of ASCs, IASCA will give voice to you and your patients, and keep up with the evolving regulatory environment for ASCs.

In order to further develop medical innovation for physicians, increase access to affordable care at ASCs in Illinois, and promote transparent fee structures that empower consumers, IASCA provides a range of materials and resources to the ambulatory surgery center community.